Jamie Least communications specialist, copywriter Jamie Least communications specialist, copywriter


Communications Specialist | Copywriter

Passionate and independently motivated communications specialist and copywriter, experienced in marketing, messaging, communications, and writing for the web. Built a strong history of strategic problem solving, audience identification and targeting, and message tailoring. Spearheaded many successful internal and external communication efforts. Developed optimized content that supported improved conversion rates to meet client benchmarks. Collaborative team player that thrives in both strategic and creative environments. Able to envision, develop, implement, and enhance communication programs to improve brand awareness, brand recall, and audience engagement.

Strategic Communication ~ Digital Content Creation ~ Copywriting ~ Adaptability
Problem Solving ~ Audience Identification ~ Content Tailoring ~ Project Management
Attention to Detail ~ Newsletters ~ Emails ~ Quality Assurance ~ Audience Engagement
Deadline Compliance ~ Ability to Work Independently ~ Creative Writing ~ Social Media

Professional Experience

Communications Coordinator
Asbury First United Methodist Church
 Rochester, NY
2016 - 2018

Envisioned, developed, implemented, and enhanced communication programs to improve brand awareness, brand recall, and audience engagement at Asbury First. Created and aligned all communications efforts to support the mission, vision, and strategic goals set from the Dreamscape, the strategic plan of Asbury First. Ensured that execution of all communication materials was done with a high standard of excellence.

  • Worked within the existing website template to maintain up-to-date content including: uploaded the audio and video of the worship and sermons from the previous Sunday; worked with the different ministries to update specific areas of the site content; maintained a news blog to highlight upcoming events.
  • Directly responsible for creating, organizing, and maintaining materials for the weekly worship bulletins, including the Liturgy and all news/announcements for the week. Met the informational needs of all audiences—which included maintaining an up-to-date digital archive of materials, developed and printed all print versions of all marketing and worship materials, and conceptualizing additional audiences who may need different engagement for worship (including hearing impaired). 
  • Together, with both the Communications Committee and the Director of Development and Communications, worked to create and implement an overall communications plan for Asbury First. Collaborated with Committee to devise a strategy that understands the current state of communication and a vision that “milestones” the next few years in how to communicate internally and externally with an equal focus on electronic and print mediums. Ensured that we are measuring the effectiveness of all communication strategies, to properly evaluate engagement and achievement of goals. The foundation for this was the development and execution of a churchwide survey, described below.
  • Spearheaded and cooperated with Communications Committee (to which I served as staff liaison) to develop and execute a churchwide communications survey to determine the effectiveness of marketing materials; to determine the most efficient ways to communicate; to tailor communication to the needs of specific demographics within the community.
  • Created the weekly e-newsletter for dissemination to the email database of members utilizing the events and news. Regularly achieved open rates of over 35% weekly—often near 40%. 
  • Managed social media presence. Created both visual and written content to engage social media audience. Executed strategies to grow social media presence and/or explore new social media platforms. Created new ways for people to engage with Asbury First in meaningful ways through social media. Initiated Instagram initiative with immediate engagement—this initiative is still in the initial phase of implementation as of November 2018. Increased Facebook following by approximately 27% between August 2016 and November 2018.
  • Ensured that both digital and physical signage around campus was updated with the most recent information.
  • Created and produced “The Visitor,” an editorial newsletter magazine, 5 issues annually. Developed production and content calendar with the Executive Team; received and organized submissions from members; conducted interviews with staff and volunteers to create editorial pieces in collaboration; designed the magazine; coordinated printing with outside printer.
  • Seasonally created/produced appropriate communication for: Ministry publications and promotions; Seasonal publications and promotions (Christmas, Easter, etc.); Special event publications and promotions; Giving opportunity publications and promotions.
  • Created marketing and public relations materials including press releases; established/maintained relationships with local media such as the Democrat & Chronicle, The Messenger Post, WYSL, and TV stations.
  • Executed spending within agreed upon the communications budget, overseen by the Director of Development and Communication. Annually review the effectiveness of dollars spent.
  • Designed, updated, and printed all print marketing brochures for each ministry in the community.
  • Independently sought out solutions for technical communications challenges and developed ways to achieve communications goals with the newly-learned information. Had minimal experience with Adobe InDesign or Illustrator; became proficient by self-teaching and independently searching out solutions. Followed same method, with great success, for other programs as needed.
  • Developed and executed marketing plans to achieve attendance at Block Party on East, an annual event, to break a Guinness World Record. Worked with local media to promote the event; designed and printed promotional materials; coordinated with other local events to leverage cross-promotion opportunities. Achieved attendance of over 650 participants in #hoptheroc, the record for the largest number of people playing hopscotch at once and broke the Guinness World Record.
Director of Communications
The Gay Christian Network
 Raleigh, NC/Rochester, NY
2014 - 2016

Developed and oversaw The Gay Christian Network’s (GCN) communication with current and potential supporters, volunteers, staff, clients, and community at large. Stimulated maximum engagement, growth, and financial giving through targeted messaging and community engagement.

  • Generated all informative and promotional communications for the 2015 GCN Conference (all-time high attendance). Sought out and shared personal stories from attendees, developed unique content for the conference blog, increased anticipation across social media platforms, and created update emails with exceedingly high engagement rates. (Open rates include 83%, 73%, 50%.)
  • Managed incoming communication, including emails, phone calls, written mail, and contact form submissions; ensured that each received a timely, informative response.
  • Spearheaded supporter engagement; actively involved GCN’s clients, donors, and volunteers in two-way communication at all times. Kept GCN top-of-mind among community members by regularly informing all parties about activities and goals via newsletters, one-on-one communication, and social media.
  • Led external promotional endeavors; engaged people and organizations outside GCN’s immediate spheres of influence, including targeting media with tailored and relevant press releases.
  • Strategized and generated written content for LiveLoveOut.com. Simplified complex ideas to engage readers in the social movement, including donating to the cause.
  • Supervised the development of GCN’s annual reports, designed to increase faith in the brand and donations. Collaborated with remote designer to ensure the visual appeal of the document. Selected and worked with volunteers to gather personal stories to include in the report. Developed specialized feature content to cultivate excitement in GCN achievements and future endeavors.
  • Mined content and share relevant messaging over social media to engage the GCN community and position GCN as a thought leader in the industry.
Associate Writer and Editor
Grammar Chic, Inc.
 Raleigh, NC
2013 - 2014

Generated unique and engaging content based on in-depth research, audience identification, and strategic communication to enhance web presence for a highly diverse client base.

  • Wrote content for a variety of digital outlets, including client websites, news websites, newsletters, blogs, and social profiles.
  • Developed strategic, SEO-friendly copy for Fortune 500 and high-achieving professional clients.
  • Conducted in-depth research on a broad spectrum of industries to support unique, innovative, and relevant content creation.
  • Adhered to strict guidelines and met tight deadlines for timely project turnaround and submission. Managed time and scheduling in a highly independent, remote work environment.
  • Crafted strategically developed resumes and cover letters for job-seeking clients. Exhibited strong communication skills in leading in-depth interviews to determine client’s ultimate employment goals. Tailored resume and cover letter content to enhance the likelihood of securing employment. 

Content Strategist
Brooks Bell

Raleigh, NC
2011 - 2013

Developed copy that supported clients in reaching their revenue goals. Assisted in project management by taking on additional duties. Created and implemented successful internal and external communication efforts. Clients included: AARP, Wall Street Journal, Time Warner Cable, Golf Digest, FrontPoint Security, Click Summit, and Merry Maids.

  • Created and optimized copy (body, subject lines, headlines, call to action) for newsletters, emails, landing pages, and websites.
  • Generated written content and maintained an ongoing series for the company blog. Determined highly engaging topics to improve audience engagement levels.
  • Edited all blog content to ensure quality and readability, thus improving brand image and positioning brands as thought leaders in their industry.
  • Held project management duties, such as URL tracking code generation, and quality assurance.
  • Wrote social media content, engaged with users, and created and managed schedules for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Developed and disseminated messaging to encourage employee engagement with social media efforts.
  • Made data-based decisions on content for weekly, monthly and twice-monthly email newsletters to determine the most engaging topics. Resulted in increase conversions for clients.

Copywriter, Editor, Account Executive
Symbolic, Inc.

Rochester, NY

Managed and co-directed print ad media schedules for national clients, ensuring placement in publications. Clients included: Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc., Bond Financial Network, and Workplace Vitality.

  • Crafted original copy for various marketing communication tools such as email blasts and brochures. Effectively communicated seasonal, promotional, or time-sensitive messages to diverse audiences.
  • Proofread, checked and corrected assorted pieces from the agency for quality assurance.
  • Gathered data for agency clients through strategic, in-depth research.
  • Searched for and organized media mentions of clients, while tracking that client’s competitors’ advertising methods. Created a simple method for comparing strategy to determine industry trends.

Creative/Traffic Coordination Intern
Partners + Napier

Rochester, NY

Created and executed a campaign for the internship and various agency projects while managing a group of fellow interns.

  • Developed taglines, headlines, and creative briefs for highly diverse campaigns.
  • Managed time and workload of all interns to ensure smooth and timely project flow and progression.
  • Communicated with and observed fellow interns to determine their individual strengths and weaknesses. Delegated work based on findings. Tracked progress of all open internship jobs and kept tasks moving on schedule.


Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Public Relations
Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
GPA 3.923

Affiliations and Professional Achievements

Publication and Presentation of Thesis
“Ringxiety and Social Anxiety: Subconscious Dedication to our Mobile Phones”
Member of Phi Theta Kappa
Member of Lambda Pi Eta
Graduated with Highest Honors